Map My Route: Enhance Your Sales Journey with RepMove

Modern trading is always more productive provided that interactive means of interaction between workers are used and activities are planned taking into account all possible nuances and difficulties. These are the characteristics inherent in RepMove, an effective application for planning sales and trade routes, and systematizing the activities of sales representatives.

The application is as productive as possible, since it allows you to effectively plan sales visits, create a calendar of meetings, distribute the routes of traders in city districts, harmonize the routes and directions of traders, thereby ensuring maximum coverage of the space.

Everything you need in one application

By interacting with RepMove, you open up a whole world of opportunities in trading optimization. The most important option is route scheduling, where you carefully plan the route of the sales representative, set the necessary time frames and order of movement.

The important thing is that you see the maximum of factors influencing the productivity of trading activities – from the duration of the route between retail outlets, to current travel conditions and possible traffic jams. You create a unique model of an employee’s trading behavior, since thanks to the application you are able to evaluate the entire trading system.

You will learn quickly!

The main thing about the application is its simplicity and rich functionality. By downloading the application, you will be able to make the most of its capabilities in a short period of time. This is achieved thanks to a very simple and understandable interface of the application and a high-quality system of tips and instructions on the website.

It shows everything in great detail – from how to install RepMove and create a corporate account, to integrating the appointment calendar into the application, using multiple routes and working with data sets. By visiting the website you can personally verify the quality, simplicity and functionality of the application in a few minutes.

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