Peace of Mind with Every Purchase: ZTE Support’s Comprehensive Warranty Guide

When you purchase ZTE products, you have the advantage of the ZTE Support Warranty. This industry-best protection plan assures you that your product has the full backing of ZTE against any flaws in materials or construction, giving you worry-free enjoyment of your product.

ZTE Support Warranty Basics  

The warranty applies only to products purchased directly from You must contact that seller for warranty information if you have purchased products elsewhere.

Local subsidiaries or service centers of ZTE shall not be liable for any warranty coverage of devices purchased through

All smartphones from ZTE purchased through have a 1-year limited warranty beginning on the date of purchase. ZTE accessories purchased through have a 6-month limited warranty beginning on the date of purchase.

Before submitting your product to ZTE or a ZTE-authorized service center under this warranty, you must delete all personal information that may be stored on your device. ZTE is not responsible for any data loss incurred through covered repairs or replacement.

● What is Covered

This warranty covers products purchased online against defects from ZTE Authorized Service Centers in workmanship and materials under normal consumer use, according to the pertinent user guide, during the warranty term.

Under consumer law in certain countries, limitations on the length of the warranty period or its coverage are not allowed. In these cases, the ZTE warranty will last up to the maximum as established by local law.

The cost of repairing or replacing a defective product during the life of the warranty will not be the consumer’s responsibility, including parts, labor, or other charges. Defective components and products shall become the property of ZTE.

The consumer must have a valid receipt showing the purchase date. Receipt must be presented when the consumer makes a warranty claim. ZTE reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if no receipt is presented.

● What is Not Covered

ZTE support does not cover:

  • Any damages caused by improper use of the product.
  • Any damages caused by unusual use or improper storage; operation of the product in moist, damp, or corrosive locations; unapproved modifications; neglect; unapproved repair; lack of maintenance; reckless handling; abuse; accidents; incorrect installation; application of improper voltage; spillage of food or liquids; or natural disasters.
  • Damage from normal use or normal aging of the device.
  • Damage caused when altered, opened, or repaired outside a ZTE service center.
  • Damage when the device’s serial number or mobile accessory date code has been altered, defaced, removed, erased, or rendered illegible, at the manufacturer’s judgment.
  • ZTE does not warrant that the product will operate without interruption or errors.

● Limited Warranty

This limited warranty is your only remedy against the manufacturer regarding product defects. However, the warranty does not limit your legal rights under applicable statutes.

The manufacturer does not assume liability for any loss or damage of data or loss of profit, product use or performance, business, revenue, anticipated profit, increased incurred costs or expenses, or other specialized or consequential loss, to the extent allowed by applicable law.

Limits of the warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the product. The limitations above shall not apply to any personal injury or death caused by product defects in material, workmanship, or design.

How to Claim Your Warranty through ZTE Support  

For products purchased from, contact the ZTE Support Center by phone or email.

For repair service, please go to the repair application and submit a repair service sheet. A customer service representative will contact you immediately and direct you to the correct repair guide. Before sending your device to the service center, ensure you have the correct proof of purchase with a legible purchase date. Back up all data from your device, then delete all photos, contacts, text messages, passwords, and other personal data.

For repairs after the warranty period, ZTE Service will provide a quote after receiving your device and begin work after payment. The customer is responsible for shipping to and from the center.

The service center will return the device to you immediately upon completion of repairs.

ZTE is not responsible for any delivery failures caused by incorrect information.

Shipping status can be tracked with the waybill number.

A product is only as good as the warranty behind it. You can have total confidence in purchasing a ZTE product because the ZTE Service Warranty provides backing for you in case of any problems with your device for 12 months after purchase.

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