What is a Mystery?

If you like to read and watch mystery movies, you must be familiar with the term “mystery.” In mystery movies, a crime occurs in a place where the perpetrator is not easily identifiable. The crime usually involves a group of suspects that have a limited number of contact points. These contacts are usually given a plausible motive and a reasonable opportunity to commit the crime. The storyline is usually fast-paced and exciting, and the audience is usually kept interested by the twists and turns the plot presents.see more here yahoo login mail

The genre of mystery fiction began when H.L. Mencken launched Black Mask magazine in the early 20th century. He began publishing serial stories from unknown pulp fiction authors. These stories introduced detectives like C. Auguste Dupin and Sam Spade, who faced corrupt police departments and organized crime bosses. The detectives sought justice in a world that was cruel to them. The mystery genre eventually made its way into children’s literature, and the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew characters became popular in the early 20th century.know new info Godaddy Email Login

The key to writing a good mystery novel is to keep the reader guessing and not reveal too much information too soon. The reader needs to be able to piece together all the clues to make a conclusion. This means you must be able to use red herrings and hints throughout the novel to keep the audience interested. It’s not enough to present a few clues for the reader to solve the mystery – the reader must feel involved in the story and feel a part of it.More Movies Download from here Movieswood

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