What is the Odds? Secret Tips to Conquer Odds at Jun88

What is a score bet is a topic of interest to many soccer bettors. This form always attracts many bettors thanks to its superior payout rate compared to other types of bets. Read the article below by Jun88 To better understand score betting and get tips on how to play this type of betting most effectively.
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What is a score bet?

Score odds are a form of soccer betting provided by the bookmaker and expressed as numbers on the scoreboard. The player’s task is to predict the score of the competition during the official match time. If what you predict matches the final result, it will be considered a win.

Before each match, the house will analyze specifically based on the teams’ abilities as well as related factors to give the most accurate odds. Each betting portal will provide different payout rates, but the difference is not too large and still ensures the best experience for players.

What are the forms of betting in Score Betting?

Score bets will be divided into many different forms to meet the diverse betting needs of players and have the following 3 basic forms:

  • Asian Handicap: This is definitely a form chosen by many bettors with the way of determining victory or loss based on the handicap of one of the two teams for the other team. If that team has the actual number of goals including the handicap or has a higher handicap than the opponent, it will win.
  • European Handicap: This is also a type of Odds that requires players to predict the winning team. But unlike Asian odds, players playing European bets will choose one of three options: home team wins, away team wins or draw. This type of bet also does not have a draw, only win or lose.
  • Over/Under bets: Players with over/under bets will not need to predict the winning team. Instead, this form only requires you to comment on the number of goals that appear in the match. The final result will be compared with the initial over/under mark given by the house to determine win or loss.

How to calculate Odds?

Many football bettors often do not understand how to calculate profits as they depend on the bookmaker’s automatic payout system. However, this is the leading reason why you lose capital when you cannot clearly understand the rules for calculating bets.

Basically, odds bets have a very easy-to-understand way to calculate bets when the player just needs to multiply the odds of the bet to know the profit. 

For example: You bet on team A handicap 0.5 versus odds 0.90 for 100 thousand. If this team wins with any score, you will win the bet and have a profit of 90 thousand (100 thousand x 0.90). In case team A draws or loses, you will lose the entire 100 thousand.

What is the secret to conquering Odds?

When participating in odds betting, understanding the following experiences will help you be more proactive in making judgments and increase your odds of winning:

Prioritize major tournaments

Participating in betting on major tournaments such as the Premier League, Champions League or Euro, World Cup, etc. not only helps players have quality experiences but also provides an opportunity to get rich that cannot be missed.

In particular, top arenas always provide complete information related to the two teams as well as other sideline factors. Thanks to that, players will have more bases to evaluate their bets.

Bet on balanced matches

Making money in balanced matches is one of the tips for playing Odds that you need to know. In matches where there is not much difference between the two teams, you can quickly determine the odds and increase your chances of winning.

Consult experts

Consulting opinions from leading experts is also a way to play What is the score that you can apply. This strategy not only helps players save time betting but also optimizes the possibility of winning significantly and consistently.

Practice skills

Practicing and improving skills is something that will significantly affect score betting as well as other forms of soccer betting. When regularly delving into the skill of determining proportions, players can quickly develop more sensitive and flexible thinking. Collecting information and evaluating scoring ability will also become more effective and accurate.


What is a score bet has been introduced in detail through the above article of Jun88. Hopefully you have gained useful knowledge about this interesting form of soccer betting and have the most accurate judgments for yourself.

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