How to play 3 cards – Strategy for playing 3 cards with a chapter

If you are a gambling enthusiast, you are certainly no stranger to the three card card game. However, not everyone knows how to play 3 cards to bring victory. So how to play this card? To better understand this type of game, please read the following article New88.
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What is lesson 3 cards?

Three-card card is a form with a quite special way of playing from 52 Western cards. However, we only use 36 cards, which are cards from A – 9 of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Specifically:

Deck of cards

This is an important and indispensable part in the world of card games, acting as a basic tool to demonstrate the player’s skills and strategies. A normal deck of cards includes 52 cards. To play 3 cards, we use 36 cards from A – 9 (and remove all J Q K cards from the deck) corresponding to 1 – 9 points. Besides, a card game has a maximum of 12 people and a minimum of 2.

Distribute the cards

In the 3 card game, each person will be dealt three cards and then add up the points to see who has the highest number. However, when playing this card, you can only calculate a total score of 10, completely different from other 3-card cards.

In addition, comparing scores between participants is also quite simple, ranked in order of hearts, diamonds, diamonds, and spades. Among them, the card with the Ace of Diamonds is the largest, finally compared according to suit with the big eats small method.


Regarding how to play 3 cards, there are 2 types:

  • Chapter 1 (Banker): In case you lose the chapter points, you will lose your bet. If you win, you will win the bet equal to the rate you placed.
  • Best to take all: A type of game without a chapter, after being dealt 3 cards, start comparing points and whoever has the highest will win the entire bet that the other person has placed.

How to play the card game 3 cards

With the following ways to play 3 cards, it will definitely help you win when holding the card:

Rules new players need to keep in mind when playing 3-card game

  • In the case of comparing cards between you and the one with the same score. At this point, we will perform the comparison step according to suit in the order: Hearts, Diamonds, Diamonds, Spades.
  • When there are the same number of points and the same quality, the value comparison step will be performed in the order: A is the largest, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • If in the game the player has a score of 10, he will steal the chapter in the next turn.
  • When you get a loan and find that you don’t have enough capital, you can give up the chapter and give it to the next person.

Summary of rules for playing 3-card playing card game

In addition to playing 3 cards, there are some following rules that you should pay close attention to. The way this card is played is largely based on the dealer’s score. Then it will be compared with the person holding the medal to see who is bigger than the winner. For example:
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  • Player A (Banker), B, C, D with corresponding points 9, 8, 10, 7 will be calculated as follows.
  • At that time, A (Banker) will win B and D but lose to C with the bet rate agreed at the table.

Strategies for playing 3-card cards that always win

In playing 3 cards, the element of chance often occurs. However, to limit this, you need to have strategies to ensure you don’t suffer too much financial loss.

Play 3-card cards using the bet level control method

If you are the leader, you need to adjust the bet level as required to control the pace of the match. This will make the opponent more moderate when betting as well as retain the player.

Need to prepare large capital to avoid early losses

In reality, the odds for 3-card play are often difficult to predict. However, it also has two red/black bridges. In case you are having bad luck for a long time, you need to have capital to wait for the opportunity to bet a big game to regain everything you lost before.

When playing, absolutely do not provoke your opponent to play big

When you hold the card and see that your card is beautiful. At this time, the tactic of provoking players is a good tip to increase your winning rate. However, if your opponent catches you, it will easily make you pay the price.

Remember that “3 cards” is an exciting game, but luck also plays an important role. Enjoy the game comfortably and don’t put too much emphasis on winning or losing, this can cause you to lose everything.

With the above information, we want to share with readersHow to play 3 cards always win. Hopefully this article will help bettors learn more experiences and apply them into practice.

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