How to Use the Google Ads Apps for Android

In order to make your ad campaigns more effective, you need to choose the right image format and size for your ads. Google Ads will increase its image file size limit to 5MB, allowing you to use higher-quality images. GIFs are no longer accepted. In addition, the ad-groups will receive notifications when users click on ads related to their specific interests. more entertain here kannada songs download

If you have an app, you can use Google Ads to promote it. Sign into Google Ads and choose “Campaigns.” In the Campaign’s menu, select “App promotion as a goal.” Then, enter the name of the app to promote. The app name is displayed, as well as the publisher and package. Choose an appropriate ad copy and click the submit button.More movies here mkvcage

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After downloading the Google Ads App, you can view the performance statistics of your ad campaigns anytime, anywhere. In addition to real-time monitoring, you can use the app to make changes based on strategic insights. The app will also give you real-time notifications when your ads have been approved or disapproved. For additional help, you can chat with Google Ads experts via the app’s live chat feature.visit here for more Y2meta com

For ad campaigns, you can use Google’s optimization score to select the best audience. If your audience has downloaded similar apps, you have a more efficient audience. Besides, if you are not an ad expert, you can learn the tricks of the trade and make your campaign more effective. You’ll save a lot of time and effort by using the Google Ads Apps for Android.All information details Starbucks Prices

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