Pop of Color: Styling Tips for Purple Ties

Purple ties are a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your outfit. They offer a balance between boldness and sophistication, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event or looking to spice up your everyday work attire, a purple tie can make a significant impact. Here’s a guide on how to style purple ties effectively, focusing on the exquisite collection from Barry Wang, a brand known for its stylish and high-quality accessories.

The Appeal of Purple Ties

Purple ties are versatile and can convey a range of messages, from creativity and confidence to elegance and professionalism. The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and ambition, making it a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Barry Wang offers a variety of purple ties, including lavender, lilac, and dark purple, ensuring you find the perfect shade for any occasion.

Styling Tips for Different Shades of Purple Ties

  1. Purple Tie

A classic purple tie is a bold yet sophisticated choice. It pairs well with neutral-colored suits such as black, grey, and navy. For a polished look, wear a Barry Wang purple tie with a crisp white shirt and a black or grey suit. This combination is perfect for business meetings, formal events, and even weddings.

  1. Lavender Tie

Lavender ties are lighter and softer compared to classic purple ties. They are ideal for spring and summer events, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to your outfit. Pair a Barry Wang lavender tie with a light grey or beige suit and a white or pastel-colored shirt for a stylish and contemporary look.

  1. Lilac Tie

Lilac ties are similar to lavender but with a slightly deeper hue. They offer a subtle pop of color that is perfect for both professional and social settings. A Barry Wang lilac tie can be paired with a navy suit and a light blue or white shirt, creating a harmonious and elegant ensemble.

  1. Black Suit Purple Tie

A black suit with a purple tie is a classic combination that exudes sophistication and confidence. The dark suit provides a perfect backdrop for the vibrant tie, making it stand out. Barry Wang’s collection of purple ties includes shades that complement black suits beautifully. Add a white pocket square and black shoes to complete the look.

  1. Blue Suit Purple Tie

Pairing a blue suit with a purple tie creates a striking and modern appearance. The blue and purple combination is visually appealing and adds a touch of creativity to your outfit. A dark blue suit with a Barry Wang dark purple tie and a light blue or white shirt is a great choice for both professional and semi-formal occasions.

  1. Dark Purple Tie

Dark purple ties are rich and luxurious, offering a more understated elegance compared to brighter shades. They work well with a variety of suit colors, including black, grey, and navy. Barry Wang’s dark purple ties can be paired with a white or light grey shirt and a dark suit for a sophisticated and refined look.

  1. Black Suit with Purple Tie

A black suit with a purple tie is a timeless and versatile combination. It’s suitable for almost any formal event, from business meetings to weddings. Barry Wang’s purple ties, available in various shades and patterns, can add a touch of personality to your black suit ensemble.

  1. Purple Shirts and Ties

For those looking to make a bold statement, pairing a purple shirt with a purple tie can create a monochromatic and stylish look. Choose different shades of purple for the shirt and tie to add depth and interest. Barry Wang’s collection includes a variety of purple ties that can be paired with lavender or lilac shirts for a cohesive and eye-catching outfit.

  1. Lavender Ties

Lavender ties are soft and subtle, making them perfect for adding a gentle pop of color. They pair well with light-colored suits and shirts, creating a fresh and elegant look. Barry Wang’s lavender ties are ideal for spring and summer weddings, garden parties, and other daytime events.


Purple ties are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Whether you prefer a bold dark purple or a soft lavender, Barry Wang offers a wide range of purple ties to suit any occasion. By following these styling tips and choosing the right shades, you can add a pop of color to your outfits and make a lasting impression. Embrace the elegance and sophistication of purple ties and elevate your style with Barry Wang’s exquisite collection.

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