The Different Kinds of Door Locks

A door lock is a device that prevents unauthorized entry through a closed door. It typically has one or more locking mechanisms, such as a deadbolt, a spring latch, or a keypad entry. Most locks are similar in size, and most lock boxes can fit the majority of common household locks. There are many different kinds of door locks, each suited for a different purpose. Some are more secure than others, so you should consider the purpose of your door before buying a lock.


A deadbolt is a lock that is designed to add security to a door. These locks are available in single or double cylinder designs and come with different grades of protection. For example, the Prime-Line SE 15361 Segal Deadbolt is a single-cylinder cylinder design, while the Brinks 2718-119 Double Cylinder provides protection on both sides of the door. The following are some of the different styles of deadbolts available.

Spring latch

A spring latch is an important component of a door lock. Generally, this type of latch is made of stainless steel, and it is used in many construction applications. Most people have seen them when they open a door, but they also have their uses in seat belts, clamps, and other retractable items. Some spring latches use a spring to hold the bolt retracted while others have a separate spring that extends the bolt automatically. In the world of construction, spring latches are used in special vehicles and ventilation and air conditioning systems. Industrial enclosures can also benefit from this type of latch. please visit for about Electron

Keypad entry

When you have a keyless entry door lock installed in your home, you will not have to worry about storing a key in your pocket. With this device, you can unlock the door by simply punching in a numerical code using a pad similar to a basic calculator. You can set a timer to lock or unlock the door automatically after a certain number of incorrect entries. It also has several benefits over conventional locking mechanisms.


Installing a child-proof door lock is relatively easy. The straps simply slide over the door’s hinges and the lock opens from both sides. Many parents report that their toddlers are much happier when the door is slightly open. The lock prevents your toddler from accidentally unlocking your adult-sized door. They’re also useful for sibling rooms. You can choose between a plastic or metal one depending on the space and type of door you have.More Info About George Floyd

Grade 3

In the U.S., commercial hardware is graded according to their quality, security, and performance. These grades are determined by a series of controlled laboratory tests. Grade 1 door locks are the most secure, providing superior security features. They are ideal for main entry points and larger buildings. Grade 2 and 3 door locks are the next step up, but they still fall short of the highest quality standards. To determine the grade of a lock, look for the label of the ANSI or Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. All about information Best Turmeric Supplement

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