The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching

There are many benefits of education. Studies have shown that education helps reduce poverty, improve health, eliminate gender inequality, and create a more sustainable world. Education promotes innovation, strengthens institutions, and promotes social cohesion. It gives people the skills to lift themselves out of poverty. In recent years, however, there has been a global learning crisis. A World Bank study revealed that children in low-income countries do not have basic literacy and numeracy skills.More info about sorghum

The term education has many definitions. In the modern world, education is a complex network of institutions that attempt to standardize a particular way of life and impart a certain amount of knowledge to children. In the traditional world, education consists of imparting knowledge, skills, and attitudes to children. It also includes parental relationships, socialization, and the transfer of wisdom. This modern-day educational complex focuses on producing identical copies of its target product, rather than people.enjoy new video here 9xmovies Green

The old-fashioned belief that schools should impart knowledge to help students survive is that the purpose of education is to teach them how to learn and get along in the world. That’s a very narrow view of education. Whether a school is intended to teach students to learn basic skills or to provide functional adult knowledge, students need to have the basic knowledge to be successful. While there are a variety of viewpoints on this question, one thing is clear: education should be focused on learning.More Movies Download from here Kuttymovies

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