How To Ensure That Your Data Never Disappears

What would you do if all your data and work on your computer, laptop, cloud, server, or other device suddenly crashed? Do you know someone who can help? What’s their plan? How long would your operations be down? Are your data stored elsewhere? Is someone ensuring that the backup process, if any, works properly? Are you certain everything is secure, even if the backup report says so?

These are critical questions to consider because the answers could determine whether your operations halt or continue smoothly in the event of a disaster. It’s essential to have redundancy for everything, and it might not be as costly as you think.

A File Backup is Important and Necessary

If you don’t have a data backup strategy yet, it’s time to set one up. Services like Backblaze and Crashplan can back up individual files but not servers.

If you work with servers, you will need a more robust program like Acronis or Carbonite. In the event of a disaster, you need a plan that allows you to restore all important components of your business, including databases, configurations, and apps. If you don’t have a backup, identify what’s critical and then develop a plan to recover it if disaster strikes.

Accessible to Everyone, Most of Your Business is in the Cloud

You might need internet redundancy if losing internet access is costing you money or time. This cost is often less than the fee for a second monthly internet service.

You can set up your firewall to automatically switch to a backup internet connection if your primary one fails. This setup involves a reliable firewall, some initial configuration, and a monthly internet bill.

Backup internet is a very affordable and simple way to protect yourself from losing sales and productivity when your phone and internet service is disrupted.

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