Learn Corner Odds and Effective Betting Strategies

Although corner kicks are known to many players, few people can confidently conquer this subject completely. The most important thing is to grasp the rules carefully to improve your ability to predict. So let’s go New88 Find out and analyze detailed information through the following article!
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Introduction to corner kicks

Corners (English name is called Corners), a form of betting based on the total number of free kicks that can occur in a football match. Therefore, when choosing this type, what members need to care about is the number of corner kicks, not the win-loss ratio of the two teams.

Considered a form of entertainment with a simple form, easy to participate in, but winning the Corners bet is quite “difficult to chew”. Therefore, you should not make decisions based solely on emotions, but refer to accurate information for more clear evidence.

Popular types of corner kick bets today

For new players, it will often be difficult to understand how to read the ratio accurately. Therefore, bookmaker New88 has compiled popular corner kick bets for everyone to have a more general overview.


With this form of betting, you bet on the number of corners that will be taken during the match. The bookmaker will determine an odds based on the difference in skills, strength and performance between the two teams. Thereby, you can choose which team will take more free kicks in the half or the whole match.

For example: team A meets B at home, with a Corners handicap of -1, then when the match ends, A has 10 corners and B has only 8, then A wins the bet. On the contrary, if B has equal or more number of corner kicks than A, then B wins. And when the difference between the two teams is only 1 time, the bet is a draw.

Corner kick 1×2

In fact, 1×2 corner odds are another name for European odds in soccer betting. When participating in this type, members do not need to care about the odds, but only need to predict 1 of 3 possibilities including win, draw and loss. Players will place their trust in which team has more corner kicks, less, or even the same number of corner kicks.

Over/Under corner kick odds

In addition to the above two categories, you can also choose this betting rate to test your analytical ability. Many skilled players often call this type of bet Over/Under corner or more briefly O/U. The bookmaker will provide a specific penalty rate for the round and you just need to predict whether the actual number is more or less.

For example: In the match between C and D, the house lists the O/U corner ratio as 10.5 goals. After 90 minutes of play, if the total number of corners is 11 or more, it will be Over, if 10 or less is Under.

Best betting strategy 2024

To successfully conquer this type of betting, members need to come up with an effective prediction strategy. Below are experiences from experts that you can apply.

Follow your favorite football team

A simple method when playing corner odds is to bet on your favorite team. This can create more fun and excitement when watching the match. And once you idolize a team, you will understand their playing style and ability to make corner kicks better.
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Betting is based on the team’s playing style

In addition, you can also bet on corner kicks based on the team’s style. Members need to review their previous matches to evaluate their offensive and defensive abilities. If a team tends to attack strongly and create many opportunities, the odds of going to many corners will be higher.

Bets are based on match weather

Weather also plays an important role in influencing corner kick bet. Soccer matches with bad weather conditions such as rain or strong wind will make it difficult for players to control the ball. From there, more missed shots will appear, leading to the defense making mistakes at the touchline.

Important notes to help you have a safe betting experience

In any type of online entertainment, you must increase vigilance. This is to minimize the risk of “going broke” for everyone.

Do not bet too large an amount

One of the common mistakes of newbies is betting too much on a match. This can lead to you losing more money if the game does not have as many corners as expected. Therefore, consider carefully before investing money, and only place an appropriate amount equal to a maximum of 1/3 to 1/5 of your existing capital.

Do not bet on early matches

Many members often enter money very early, even when the official lineup has not been announced. This action will lead to inaccurate predictions and easy loss of money. Therefore, it is best for everyone to wait until closer to the competition date before participating.

Corner kicks give players many levels of sublime emotions when watching dramatic sports matches. In addition, the bonus conversion rate is extremely attractive. What are you waiting for? Sign up to bet at bookmaker New88 now!

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