The Hijab – The Traditional Head Covering of Muslim Women

The hijab is the traditional head covering worn by women of the Muslim religion. Women have worn it for centuries to show their modesty and respect for their religion. However, the Shah banned women from wearing it in 1936, making it a crime for a woman to wear it in public. However, in 1979, the ban was lifted and women were encouraged to dress as they did in the United States. Today, it is the norm for women in Iran to wear a hijab.Plz Visit For Playground

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The hijab appears eight times in the Koran. The word hijab means “wall” or “obstacle” (7:46), “curtain” (41:52), and even, ‘hidden’ (38:32). It prevents a woman from accessing God. Various Muslim communities view the hijab as a way to preserve their morals and modesty while preventing the harassment of other women.All Movies Download From Bollyshare

For some women, wearing a hijab is a sign of submission to God. The Quran teaches both men and women to observe modesty. The Islamic dress code, however, has often been used as a political statement. Some women have opted to wear a hijab as an act of self-expression. In fact, women in India, Greece, and Egypt have all worn head coverings for centuries. However, Islamic women have the greatest cultural authority when it comes to their religious dress.enjoy more from  here Bolly4u

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In addition to the hijab, Muslim women also wear other garments. These include the chador (long flowing scarf) and the sharia (long cloak). However, some Iranian women wear a headscarf with a chair. Regardless of the name, Muslim women will be happy to explain the difference between these two garments. It is not uncommon for them to wear both together. This is how the hijab became so widely accepted throughout the Muslim world.More Info About Beef

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