Using Phonics to Teach Young Children to Make Connections Between Letters and Sounds

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Currently, YouTube has an app dedicated to kids where you can learn how to make a YouTube video. The app is age-restricted and features videos curated with kids in mind. Several major entertainment industry leaders, child advocates, and media professionals have joined the organization. National nonprofit organizations, including the National Education Association, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the Council of Women Organizations, support the initiative. Together, these groups have a cumulative membership of over 17 million. KIDS FIRST! Is the voice of kids’ entertainment, education, and digital rights.hownload new video skymovieshd

Early phonics instruction is crucial in helping children make connections between printed letters and their written sound. While some young children may make these connections, most do not. In studies by Brian Byrne and Ruth Fielding-Barnsley, young children were taught to read whole words by simply using phonics instruction. Despite the lack of knowledge about letter names, the children in these studies could read whole words within a few months. They did this without being taught to name the letters.Click here about Super Bowl Live

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